The random adventures of a Top in city full of Bottoms.

gotnut asked: I want to get sucked & fucked. I luv oral tops 😍😋

Yeah..we rock!!

charlyn8 asked: When are u coming to Atlantic city. I would love to get under u.

when you send me a first class ticket. LOL

prodigalboi asked: Miss you man. Been having these crazy ass dreams about you!!!

Aww is that right…do tell. LOL

cosmoboy29 asked: Would you ever come to Columbia sc? Sure want to "meet n greet" with you.

Hmm…havent been there in years. Not that far from me tho



devone0 asked: What do I have to do to get u to come to B'more and have 1 hell of a jam session

i seriously need too…its hella freaks in B’more!! lol

getugamus asked: Do you fuck big guys? I'm a thick guy that would like to know for so many say they dont do big guys.

of course…big boys have the best booty