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prodigalboi asked: Miss you man. Been having these crazy ass dreams about you!!!



Aww is that right…do tell. LOL

so about this dream; I have been drinking all night, I was on Your tumbler, casually strolling through your pictures like always and I do know; nothing new, listing I know I woke up, I was in your bed, butt naked. zoned out, then I realized it was you. I got scared because you kept asking me where I been, and I thought about all those times I wanted you to fuck me and I wouldn’t because your dick is too big. and i was sooo tight. so you whispered In my ear..”I got you baby” while I’m laying on my back; you get on top of me and head in between my legs & stick your tongue so deep inside me. I’m squealing like a little bitch. I grab your thighs to squeeze out my pain. couldn’t help but that Beautiful thick chocolate oh so sexy ass. i’m licking and biting, moaning & squealing. I’m 0.2 inches from licking that hole I’ve been trying to avoid all night. you pick me up. like a baby. throw me again the wall. I Kept yelling fuck me,

6:30am I woke up. MAD AS FUCK their was cum all over me. U were nowhere to be found.